Step 1: Application

Fill out the application using one of the following options.

If you want to enroll multiple students, each student must have his/her own application

Step 2: Interview

First Interview: Is your student a good fit?

Our office will call you to set up a first interview. This interview will be conducted on the LFCA Campus. Here we will answer any questions you have about the Academy, let you know more about us, and see if your student would be a good fit for LFCA.

Because each family is different, this interview will help you understand why your child will benefit so strongly from our program.

Step 3: Enrollment

Second Interview & Diagnostic Testing

If it seems like LFCA is a perfect match, we will walk you through the remainder of the enrollment process, and establish a start-date.

We make it easy.

While it is typical that students enroll in the summer for the fall school year, know that LFCA can enroll year-round.
A mid-year transfer is possible, and may be the best option for your student depending on his/her circumstances.

Step 4: Enjoy Learning

Experience the benefits of a Private Christian Education

Say hello to individualized attention, academic precision, and caring staff. Our focus will always be you and your family.

Still Not Sure ?

No need to worry. Contact Us for more information using the link below and meet with an LFCA Representative.
No obligation necessary.



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